General Info for Trips

All trips are open to the general public. You do not need to be a member to participate.

During this odd time of the Covid crisis, the club will try to do field trips, but without carpooling and sharing of scopes, to avoid spreading the virus. For this reason it is very important to contact the leaders to make sure the trip is still running. The leader may have to cancel the trip if conditions change and the location is closed or restricted. Please remember to keep social distance and wear masks if closer than 6’. Fortunately, birding is an activity in which it is possible to keep distance if we keep it always on our minds.

Participants are reminded:         

Contact trip leader in advance if you are planning to go on a field trip.

Times listed are departure times; plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to departure time.

If you own two-way radios, please bring them.  They make carpooling easier and birding from cars more productive.

Carpooling is encouraged and coordinated at the meeting location the day of the trip.  If you are a carpooling passenger, we recommend that you offer to help pay for gasoline and tolls.

Dress according to the weather and be prepared for changes. Wear appropriate footgear. Also prepare yourself with mosquito and tick repellent and sunscreen in the warm seasons.

Pack refreshments and/or lunch, as we normally do not stop to purchase meals.

Birders always must respect wildlife and the property rights of others. The welfare of the birds and their environment comes first. By practicing sound birding ethics, we can protect the integrity of our hobby and preserve the well-being of the birds we observe.

ABA Code of Ethics:

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